Hello, I'm a very, very exciting person..

Today I got interviewed by an english newspaper, "Western morning news".

But to be honest, it wasn't me who was interesting. It was my latest tattoo, the black capped crane Ringo who caught their attention. And my loveley tattoist Stina..

Ringo lives in a zoo in Devon, and he is a real character. You just have to se his looks to understand.. His eyes, his feathers.. all of his beautiful/ugly face. He's so ugly that he is beautiful. And he made me discover my love for birds..

Check him out on this adress.

I don't know why I wrote this in english, but I guess that I also discovered how much I actually love the english language.

Postat av: olle

läser typ aldrig bloggar men din gick ju inte sluta läsa ,,rolig och intressant

2010-09-09 @ 00:18:50

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